Implement IT Service Continuity Management
to make your IT resilient

What is IT Service Continuity Management?

Almost all business processes today are dependent on a functioning IT infrastructure. Hardly any company can enable its business processes without IT resources, so a failure of IT systems inevitably causes damage. These range from financial and operational damage to image and reputation damage.
The implementation of IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM) prepares your company for critical IT incidents and helps you to react correctly.

ITSCM is a management process with the goal of analyzing and minimizing company-threatening IT risks and their effects and implementing effective countermeasures through IT service continuity plans. With preventive measures and implemented ITSCM processes, you can maintain a previously agreed IT service level despite the failure of several IT services.

With a properly implemented ITSCM according to ISO 27031, you get the following benefits:

  • Protection of your IT resources and IT infrastructure
  • Implementation of the ITSC organization
  • Creation of the ITSC policy
  • Performed GAP-Analysis
  • Minimized risks of your IT
  • Documents, ITSC strategies, ITSC plans adapted to your organization
  • Validation of ITSC plans through tests and exercises

When implementing ITSCM, we consider the interfaces to ITSM according to ITIL and ISMS according to ISO 27001.

Our experts can support you in setting up and operating your ITSCM. We offer complete outsourcing, implementation of specific measures or ITSCM projects.

We offer:

  • Implementation ITSCM

    You are planning to implement ITSCM according to ISO 27031 for the first time along the entire ITSCM lifecycle.

    We can accompany you on this path and check the compliance of the interfaces to ITIL and ISMS.
  • ITSCM Projects

    You have already implemented ITSCM, but need support in certain phases of the ITSCM lifecycle.

    We can define the necessary requirements and work with you to create an ITSCM project plan.
  • ITSCM Responsibility

    We take responsibility and take care of the continuous improvement of your ITSCM system.

    Our employees monitor your ITSCM systems and implement the appropriate IT service continuity planning for your company.
  • Awareness Training

    You want to be able to react properly for IT emergencies and crises?

    We offer training and documented execution of tests and exercises.
  • ITSCM Audit

    You want to be sure that your ITSCM system is properly lived.

    Our audits ensure whether your IT resources can start up at a previously defined IT service level in an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Business process is based on a functioning IT infrastructure.
    During a failure, it is important to make this infrastructure available again within a defined period of time.
    An appropriate ITSCM facilitates this.
  • It depends.
    BCM identifies a company's time-critical business processes and ensures that they continue in the event of an emergency.
    The task of ITSCM is to provide the availability of IT applications for time-critical business processes.
  • Yes, the focus of ITSCM lies on IT applications and IT infrastructures.